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Eclectic Red Bedroom by DKOR Interiors Inc.
 DKOR Interiors Inc..

Red is a warm, vibrant color often thought of during the Holiday season. This color option can be too bold for some and is normally replaced for its color cousins–yellow and orange.

Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful color alternative for bedrooms especially if the color scheme is planned and used with a neutral or color complement.

Whether you plan to use red as your main color option–such as this dynamic bedroom designed by DKOR Interiors Inc.–or as an accent color; here are some great ideas and photos to help you decide.

How to Use Red with Grey

Master suite designed by Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts.
 Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts.

Red and grey work well together; such as in this fun, modern bedroom designed by Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts. By using grey as the overall color option with accents of red throughout adds just enough warmth and pizzazz to keep the design interesting and well-balanced.

These accents of color can be incorporated in throw pillows, lamps, artwork, or within an area rug.

Red and Black Bedroom Option

Bedroom staging by Busybee Design
 Busybee Design.

Red and black is a traditional color combination, which reminds us of classic race cars and 1950’s diners. This color combination has been made popular during the Art Deco era, which offered clean, polished finishes for products, artwork, and interiors.

One alternative on how to add this color duo together is to use a hint of red and black along with other neutral colors. This color scheme is perfect for a more masculine look, such as this contemporary bedroom designed by Busybee Design.

Red Wallpaper Idea

Wallpaper and design by Vahallan Papers
 Justin Roodm for Vahallan Papers

Red can be used to create a focal point or accent wall in your bedroom to add the illusion of space or foreshortening, which makes an odd-sized room appear proportionate. 

Wallpaper is a great alternative for an accent wall; such as this traditional bedroom designed by Vahallan Papers, which uses two types of custom patterned wallpaper–Cathedral and Burlington–arranged in a unique design.

So not to lose the effect of this accent wall; the designer added a few accent pillows, which balance the color scheme and overall design.

Red Bedding Idea

Bedroom designed by Fiorella Design.
 Frank Paul Perez for Fiorella Design

Another alternative to adding the color red to your bedroom is through your bedding. A splash of color on the bed is a great way to add a little pop to a room that is encompassed in neutral shades.

A good example of this idea is in this eclectic bedroom designed by Fiorella Design, who uses a red bedspread, pillows, and a fun accent pillow to create a lively and serene bedroom.

Red, Black, and White Bedroom Idea

Red, white, and black bedroom designed by Busybee Design.
 Busybee Design

The classic black, white, and red color scheme within the bedding and accent wall is broken up by the beige suede bed and beige wall color. This fun design by Busybee Design is a subtle and simple solution for how to make a long, awkward sized bedroom look warm and cozy.

Red Headboard Idea

Contemporary bedroom designed by Terrat Elms Interior Design.
 Greg Premru for Terrat Elms Interior Design

Besides using red within an accent wall; another alternative is to use red within furniture or a headboard like this lovely bedroom designed by Terrat Elms Interior Design.

A solid red headboard can be used or if you just want to add a little hint of red use a striped or patterned design. If you do decide to use a headboard in a color other than a neutral shade, you’ll need to be careful on how you accessories your bedding and room in the future; since you’ll be limited on certain colors or combinations.

French Inspired Bedroom Using Red

Red kids bedroom designed by Warline Painting Ltd.
 Ina Vantonder for Warline Painting Ltd.

This hip little girl’s bedroom design by Warline Painting Ltd. is a wonderful idea on how to use red and white together to create a trendy design that will grow with your child.

A unique and contemporary French country style that uses a fun wallpaper design, red headboard, curtains, and lively accents to create a perfect room for a little girl, teen, or guests.

Source: TheSpruce

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